The player is given the choice of composing his or her party with three characters out of nine, but certain characters might at times become unavailable due to plot events. However, as there is only one event in the game in which the player can have a team without the main character Maya, the choice of a team is limited to two characters plus Maya.


Sex: Female
Relationships:She's a Junker and takes care about the orphans. She takes lessons from Azziz.
Ability: Expert Junker, good with a rifle, others look up to her
Cares about: Cares for the younger junkers / orphans. Father / Daughter relationship with Uncle. Does not get along with authority (Mayor).
Maya has grown up, like most of the children of her city, an orphan. Caught in the crossfire of other nations, hundreds of Maya's people were killed, and a whole generation of children was orphaned. Now grown, Maya is forever wary of strange ships seen flying overhead. Maya has become a second-hand mother for the younger Junkers. It is these Junkers that Maya fears for most of all, as she believes that their "recklessness" will make them "soft" and unready to deal with the enemy, if they should ever return. A reluctant leader, Maya is determined to stop the Chosen from their conquest and bring peace back to Septerra Core.


Sex: Male
Relationships: He's a good friend of Maya. Hates Mayor for misusing the workbots he built. Has a crush on Led.
Ability: Mechanically inclined. In battle capable af dealing much damage to mechanical enemies or repairing allied ones like Runner.
Cares about: Everything connected to mechanics. Can go for days just repairing/ inventing stuff.
Grubb is a mechanic, living near Oasis in his workshop. He built workbots that should be used to collect junk, but Mayor started to use them as his own police force. That's why he left Oasis to live on his own. He's a good friend of Maya. | valign="top"| |}


Male bounty hunter from Shell 4; Formerly a Jinam explosives expert from Shell 5 before losing both arms to a war injury. Now a mercenary with mechanical rocket arms. He knows a lot about explosives.


Blind Underlost from Shell 7; a knife-wielding savage, he 'sees' with an organic Radar


Swordsman from Shell 3. He is in love with the late Holy Guard captain Bowman's daughter, Layla. After Selina's men wiped out his hometown, he swore to destroy her.


Female mechanic from Shell 5; A wrench-wielding Ankaran engineer. A training injury left her with mechanical lower legs, ever since her father has been very protective of her. She grows to be very fond of Grubb.


Cyborg Jinam pirate from Shell 6. Once a slave-soldier of Jinam, his limitation device was removed after he was abandoned, allowing him free will.


A giant mechanical dog loyal to Grubb, its inventor.


A Chosen Swordswoman from Shell 1. Former lover of the Chosen leader Doskias, and Corgan's enemy. Even though Doskias left her for another, due to her poor lineage, it is apparent she still cares deeply for him.


A powerful Chosen and direct descendant of Marduk. He destroyed Maya's hometown ten years ago while fighting with another Chosen. Now he is bent on fulfilling the Legacy of the Creator at any cost.