A metal model of Septerra, showing all 7 world shells.

The world of Septerra is made up out of seven distinct layers of continents, connected by The Great Spine. The world is filled with Core Energy, which allows the use of magic and the origin of strange diverse beasts.

Seven World ShellsEdit

Each of the world shells offer a unique climate, plant life and wild life.

World Shell 1: The upper shell of Septerra, home of The Chosen. The shell pieces appear pale, indicating cold weather. The Chosen built a large city on the top of The Spine to harness it's power, this city is presumably the shell capitol.

World Shell 2: Home of the Junkers, the majority of the shell is a waterless desert, with large pipes used to pump water accros the shell. The Junkers Built the City of Oasis once they learned they could tap water from the pipes. The city was built using junk dumped by The Chosen from the shell above.

World Shell 3: Home of the Holy Guard. A lush, green shell that holds vast lakes and snowy mountains. The capitol, Wind City, was built in honnor of Marduke and his teachings. Prevailing winds are used to generate energy and the shell's fretile soil makes it ideal for farming.

World Shell 4: The "Middle Shell" and Home of the world famous "World Bizarre". The Shell is mostly urbanized, large districts, slums and shipping areas now cover most of the shell that was once covered in a dense jungle. The Ancient city of Babylon, from which Marduke reigned, was built on this shell.

World Shell 5: Home of Ankara and Jinam, a shell riddled with canyons and mountains with a very barren landscape. The two nations of shell 5 mine the core for raw material and are both millaritly inclined. These two nations have had an uneasy peace as a result of their minning operations.

World Shell 6: Home of the Pirates. Much like Shell 5, Shell 6 consists of collections of mountains and rather barren lands. The shell is populated by pirates who make their money by robbing transport ships. The stolen goods are sold in Sccum Town, the unofficial capital of the shell.

World Shell 7: Home of the Underlost. The shell is covered with a large mold forest and poisonous lakes. The inhaitents, the Underlost, are the only ones who can withstand these harsh conditions. Beneath this shell is a dense Corite Shell that covers The Core.

The SpineEdit

This Spine is a living axis that stretches from the North- to the South Pole. it connects all the world shells to the Core and regulates their movements. The Spine also acts as a giant turbine, as the shells turn, they generate power, this power is collected by the spine and funnled into the core, where the same energy is used to turn the shells.

The CoreEdit

The Core lays at the center of the seven world shells. it is covered by a material called Corite, a gem formed by the pressure of the world shells beating down on the Core Energy surrounding the Core. The Core radiates Core Energy which scrambles radio waves the closer you are. Where Shell 1 or 2 are unnaffected by this, Shell 5 and 6 have great difficulties transmitting messages via radio. 

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